{.baking days.}

by devourslowly

The white beach in the distance marks Kapo Waiura – Spirits Bay. Its name comes from the ancestor Tohe some 700 years ago, when he departed from that place on a journey.

Tohe was old and longed to visit his daughter far away. His people feared he might die before he returned. He said to them, ‘Kapohia taku wairua!’ That is, if his spirit passed that way on its final journey, his people should reach out and catch it, not let it go on.

Catch my spirit – Cape Reinga


I have not been doing much baking lately, mostly because life and its general tibits have been keeping me pretty busy but really I have also been a bit of a lazy bum.  I do like browsing through pictures of cakes and other yummies I had made in the past – they make me happy 🙂