by devourslowly

I thought about offering some sort of pristine apology, or at least artful excuse for my long absence.  It will not do.  The only reason for the big gap in online presence is really because I had managed to misplace my login and password details for WordPress.  For those who know me, it would of course be no surprise.  For those who do not know me (and let’s face it, there are not that many of you out there who would be reading this blog anyway), please be assured that apart from being ditzy and forgetful I am really just quite ditzy and forgetful.

Then the thought struck me that perhaps not many of you would notice my absence.  The blog is relatively new and content-bare.  Perhaps you perchance stumbled upon this random collection of intellectual and not so intellectual output of mine and thought to yourself, ‘… and the point is?’

I have been putting in a lot of work towards Cinnamon Spoon… my cupcake business.  Hopefully in a month or so I will be at a place where I can run the business properly and start marketing myself.  Perhaps I can change the name of this blog to Cinnamon Spoon?  How does one get about doing that though??

In any event, I have found my login and password.  I am back!  My one big project in 2010 is to properly launch Cinnamon Spoon and devote more of my spare time on it.  Every now and then I will get on to this blog and rant about my frustration and completely expose my lack of business understanding.  Other times I will endeavour to put on interesting comments and pictures that inspire me and hopefully others.

I was browsing through TED talks a while ago and came across Jonathan Harris’ talk on his online project We Feel Fine.  It is an incredibly uplifting notion of using technology to collect stories and getting a partial glimpse of someone’s life and make up the rest in your mind.  Digital footprints being interpreted as stories people tell about themselves.  I wish there are more artists and romantics around.

I sometimes wonder if by having an online presence I would inadvertently skew his data.  Hum… food for thoughts.