{.shades of autumn.}

by devourslowly

I have been experimenting with flavours recently.  K was the unlikely victim of the latest trial run of spicy vegan pumpkin cupcakes frosted with pumpkin puree.  Well… ‘unlikely’ would be dramatising it a tad… she is my own vegan friend really.

Spicy pumpkin is an odd choice especially considering how smothering this round of Auckland summer has been.  K and I both agreed that it is really an autumn flavour over a cup of hot tea with a couple of vanilla scented candles flickering in the background.

Puree frosted well though – most unexpected.

What should I name them as??

Interestingly enough, I am currently sitting at my desk, sharing my pumpkin cupcake photos, eating homemade Mac ‘N Cheese before Italian lesson and being completely oblivious with the weather outside.  I want to wear my new trench today, hopefully the weather will be cool enough to justify a coat 😛