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by devourslowly

“What war?” said the Prime Minister sharply.  “No one has said anything to me about a war.  I really think I should have been told.  I’ll be damned.” he said defiantly, “if they shall have a war without consulting me.  What’s a cabinet for, if there’s not more mutual confidence than that?  What do they want a war for anyway?”

Evelyn Waugh, Vile Bodies

What swell!  To have a completely sunny weekend in Wellington!  Not a single drop of rain and only the most welcomed and well-timed cooling breezes.  A perfect weekend for the NZ Sevens.

This was my very first Sevens experience and most likely my only.  H and I got into the spirit of things rather belatedly as we had been too busy to even organise costumes.  It wasn’t until leaving the stadium on Saturday evening that I came up with a range of quirky and easily achievable costume ideas.

Being in Wellington means a definite visit to the lovely Swonderful.  Swonderful is one of those cute and quirky stores that stocks its own design label (Papercup) and other carefully selected indie craft items.  This time round I bagged myself a white papercup tee with ‘Swellington’ printed under a blue crab.  It has a very sea-side touristy feel to it I just could not resist.  You can see what the tee looks like from the picture below and drool 🙂

Papercup Swellington Tee

Papercup Swellington Tee (promotional picture from papercupclothing.blogspot.com)

We went to the Backbencher for a quick bite before joining the Sevens mayhem across the road.  Sitting there and looking at the Beehive building, I was reminded of the story Stephen Fry told on Parkinson and wondered if New Zealand politicians are as good-humoured as Churchill?

I must remember to do my Italian homework tonight…