{.confession of the compulsive me.}

by devourslowly

I remember my very first cell phone. I called it ‘Bubble Fred’.  Bubble was an almost see through sea-moss green Alcatel with voluptuous curves that would be considered a fashion travesty in today’s world. I was 18 or 19 then… so naturally believed that because I was ‘of age’, everyone would need to consult me on all matters pertaining to every particulars of their lives. It was therefore only responsible to have a cell phone and be accessable to my loved ones.

Back then, during my down-times (which admittedly were grossly lenghty) I would stare at Bubble, willing him to ring. I took inspiration from my brother’s favourite childhood cartoon series ‘Dragon Ball Z’.  Sometimes Bubble would oblige by ringing and confirming the telepathic abilities I long suspected to be gifted with. But most of the time Bubble left me alone by staying silent. It was then I learnt the meaning of ‘hubris’.

I mention this embarrassing part of my history because I find myself doing the same thing again.

For those of you kind enough to put up with my ramblings, I thank you for your forbearance. I also like to let you know that you are being closely monitored by me on my blog dashboard. I don’t know who you are, where you come from or how you ended up being here but I do know when someone has clicked on the blog for a quick insight into my thoughts.  You will be happy to know that I do have moments of lucidity.  Please be assured that I am seeking help for this compulsive behaviour and that hopefully by the month’s end I will just concentrate on the contents of my two blogs and not obsessing over the number of visits.

Please do not be turned off by this burst of truth-dribble. I assure you most start-up bloggers you visit will be doing the same thing. I just happen to be honest about it.

I still haven’t done my Italian homework 😦