{.wheel of the coffee goes round ‘n round round ‘n round round ‘n round.}

by devourslowly

H and I go through a pot of stove-top coffee each day.  Naturally, I was pleasantly intrigued when Re-nest blogged about the many uses of coffee-ground.  Up until today we had used the grounds as deordourising agents in the fridge and for scrubbing our hands to get rid of onion smells.  I thought I give the first suggestion on the Re-nest list a go, that is using the ground as face scrub.  Well… it really wasn’t by design or by choice.  The truth is I had forgotten to top up on my daily scrubber at the local beauty spa today.  Cursing my forgetfulness, I was reminded of the Re-nest list.

Thought skeptical at first, I found the ground work surprising well on my face.  I am not going to start harping on the cosmetic benefits of caffeine… I am not a scientist… even if I am, I would most likely be paid by some coffee-lord to make such comment in the first place.  All I know is the coffee granules mixed with a dab of my daily face wash worked wonderfully on my skin this evening.  Well… at least I don’t feel as grubby as I did this morning without my routine scrub!

I started thinking about frugality such as coffee ground face scrub and luxury such as a tub of Dermologica Daily Microexfoliant.  Don’t get me wrong, I will still top up on my usual exfoliant when I next go pass my local shop; but coffee ground will do me just fine for now.  Is there much difference between the two?  Well… at this premature stage, I will have to say no.  I am reminded of the Benjamin Wallace talk at Taste3 two years ago on luxury items making consumers happy.

I am intrigued of the Stanford study he spoke of in the end – how there is a part of our brain that actually tells us we are happy when consuming luxury items.  As mentioned, I am no scientist, but I certainly have been very elated by the homemade coffee ground face scrub!  Someone should market this stuff!

Soufflé likes sitting on my desk while I work away on various stuff listening to Ricki Lee Jones.  Don’t worry, she is a Bichon Frise – a very manageable size!  Soufflé, not Ms Jones of course.  Have I ever mentioned she is my favourite distraction in this whole wide world?