{.hungry for more.}

by devourslowly

I am in a bit of a career cross path at the moment.  As usual, when one’s mind is confounded, one tends to overburden oneself with advices left right and centre.  By the way, one means me in this instance.  It is always interesting how many people are eager to share their life advice.  Inundated with wisdom (some wise, some not so much), an interestingly bold question was put to me yesterday – What are you hungry for?  What motivates you?

Mostly praise, affection and money.

Ok seriously though, I had a think about my favourite five things in the world that I could happily give up a kingdom for:

  1. Cuddles from Soufflé;
  2. Cake recipes;
  3. Speciality food markets around Auckland like Nosh, Farro or la Cigale French Market;
  4. Rachel Carley ceramics; and
  5. Karen Walker dresses.

Now judge me kindly please…