{.a local love affair.}

by devourslowly

The Village Winter 2010 - Pictures courtesy of Karen Walker @ http://www.karenwalker.co.nz

Truly a ga-ga time of the year with local designers unveiling their new season looks.

Karen Walker is such a New Zealand fashion icon sometimes it is hard describing her to a foreigner without the risk of flooding one’s audience with endless words.

I am a fashion consumer, not so much a commentator.  Commentating inevitably exposes oneself to the most horrific clichés and the ridicules of ‘serious people’ who labels you vain for spending too much time thinking about clothes.  Further more, one risks being labeled a ‘fashion drone’ if one is to rave about a staple like Karen Walker.   So for years I have been quietly building up my wardrobe collection and keeping my mouth shut.

But then I think to myself: Yes I am an Auckland girl.  Yes I like fashion as much as the next typical Auckland girl.  Yes I do have a minor addiction for Karen Walker.  Perhaps that deprives me of a sense of individualism but hey, I come from a country of more sheep than human, can you really blame me?

Now that I choose to speak, doubtlessly a large number of audiences will yawn at what I say.

Sometimes I find the act of complimenting quite hollow.  It is almost becoming a form of greeting today.  Instead of an old-fashioned ‘Hello’, I sometimes have strangers telling me how they like what I wear and/or my dog.  Not that I am ungrateful.  I just think we can get to a point where we automatically churn out something nice when meeting a new person that we don’t really personalise our messages.  I catch myself doing this quite often as well… just complimenting someone for the sake of complimenting someone.  I am working on respecting people more by carefully selecting what I say to them and about them so that my words are meaningful.

So when it comes to describing things I truly appreciate, I feel very much like a words-novice.  I took some time out last night after binging my way through Karen Walker’s Ponsonby shop to think about why I like her designs.  So for those of you who are not based in New Zealand and do not have ready access to KW fashion, if you are not already sold on imageries from her look books, I can only say this – I am drawn to the immaculately sharp tailoring and the confident flaunting of her own brand of quirky-ness + the professionalism and friendliness of her shop staff are absolutely in the tops.