{.too much kindness.}

by devourslowly

Some blogs do a weekly round-up of fantastical Etsy finds, some do a seasonal round-up of what each writers wish to own. Today, I am doing a round-up of the acts of kindness I had been on the receiving end of recently. To the identifiable kind individuals, there is a box of Cinnamon Spoon goodness coming your way in the near future:

  1. Soufflé for welcoming me home every day and making me feel loved;
  2. J for thinking of me on his crazy whirlwind trip and buying me that lovely handbag from New York (Well… no cupcakes your way since you usually shun my sweets in favour of savories and the fact that you are in Melbourne and I am in Auckland.  I love you still and you know it x)  My friends had commented that it is very Asian with the monogram pattern but I don’t care;
  3. R for thinking of me and Soufflé at Blenheim, always giving me incredible hand-me-downs that my friends are jealous of and always trying to keep me good like mum would have liked;
  4. K from Twilight and Shadow for sending me upbeat cheerful emails just about every day and calling me Sunshine;
  5. H for putting up with my tempers, calling me his Tub-Tub and running my CBD errands ALL THE TIME;
  6. S for putting up with my neurotic and fussy nature and the incredible talent he brings to designing a logo for Cinnamon Spoon;
  7. S, A, J and P from Karen Walker Ponsonby who have always been over and beyond kind to me when I visit (even though I don’t buy much at all) and the lovely necklace you popped in my bag yesterday – you are totally amazing and I am so embarrassed;
  8. R and V for looking after Soufflé at moment’s notice leaving me to go on my weekend getaways;
  9. The unnamed guy from Discount Tyres on Great North Road for kindly inspecting my tyres yesterday for nearly 3/4 of an hour, taking the time to indulge with my obsession that there is a puncture when there really isn’t + not charging me one cent for the work you had done and even asking me to take Crumpet back for another inspection next week just to double-check;
  10. Everyone on Facebook and Cinnamon Spoon who had kindly left encouraging messages regarding the business and the cupcakes;
  11. M from Ashbec Trade who kindly put up with my questions and was most helpful in terms of suggesting cake box suppliers even if it means sending me elsewhere;
  12. S from Peppers Martinborough for being thoughtful giving me my usual room.

These are just a quick glance of how good people had been to me over the last couple of weeks.  We are often reminded by how dire and selfish society has become that we sometimes lose sight of the little kindnesses we receive from people around us every day.