{.click ‘n click ‘n be lomo.}

by devourslowly

… one of the lessons life teaches us is that cats will be cats.

P. G. Wodehouse, Much Obliged, Jeeves

White Slim Angel complete with packaging

I finally took the plunge to add to my toy camera collection and ordered the White Slim Angel.  It should get to me in the next couple of weeks.  I simply cannot wait!

I first got lomographised back in my student days when I got myself one of those action packers – a four shot camera that came with a pull tag.  Gimmicky but entirely fascinating in an age of digital photography.  Last year I got myself a Fuji Instax which really has been a pack of fun.  A bit annoying though as I cannot source films for it in New Zealand.

I then took a break from toy cameras as many online commentaries seem to suggest that they do not provide quality prints consistently.  A pity really because I was all primed to get myself a Diana F+ full kit set.

But then… these little plastic boxes are just what they are… toy cameras.  They ARE suppose to be inconsistent, they are supposed to be unreliable.  Can we really expect to spend $35 USD on say a White Slim Angel and expect expert photography?

Besides… I am really no expert at take pictures, a toy camera will do me just fine for now.