{.do not mess with tradition.}

by devourslowly

Vanilla bean butter cake and everything traditional @ Cinnamon Spoon

Saturdays are baking days.  The R&D of my little operation, also known as Cinnamon Spoon.  This particular Saturday had also been my first ever photography day as my sister-in-law has kindly lend me her digital SLR in order for me to get better images.  The pictures still need a lot of tweaking but I am in a sharing mood so here it is for your viewing pleasure.  Well… it would be for your tasting pleasure if you received a little box full of cakey delight from me today 🙂

This particular yummy is a traditional vanilla bean butter cake with real vanilla bean frosting.  Feeling nostalgic of late, I turned to this oldie for some late summer comfort.  Enjoy x.