{.tuesday sappies no yellow please.}

by devourslowly

H and I went to watch My Name is Khan last night.  I am not traditionally a Bollywood buff (nor am I a Hollywood buff come to think of it) but the movie trailer grabbed me two weeks ago when we saw Invictus (which incidentally did not grab me).

It pretty much goes without saying that the film was a pleasant blast.  After all, it does feature the Midas touch of Shahrukh Khan – one of the very few reasons why I occasionally tune in to Indian pictures (a bit like what Romain Duris does to French flicks for me).

Excuse me, I just mentioned Romain Duris… allow me a moment to drool….

Ok I am back.

Though there are some bits of My name is Khan that are far-fetched, some bits grossly mis-informed, and at times disjointed, I did enjoy the lightheartedness at the start and the introspective address of relationships between people, cultures, society and within one’s self.  Bollywood movies can sometimes be inundated with singing, dancing and too much jolly-ness.  This one has a good mix of serious issues such as prejudice, humanity and of course a  good dose of singing and dancing :-p.  Sappy, but not TOO sappy for a school night.  That and Khan’s performance as the Asperger’s Khan was sublime.  Drool once again. H cringed at some bits but I really enjoyed it 🙂