{.barney says sharing is caring.}

by devourslowly

I just want to make this smaller!

Being unusually generous of late I have decided to start sharing some of my go-to recipes on Cinnamon Spoon.  By Jove it is a long and treacherous process.  One is to take pictures, put together a .pdf, upload the file onto WordPress only to be told it is too big, resize the file and then kick oneself for not making the dish during daylight hours so that the pictures come out clearer.  I managed to upload one recipe so far which I am extremely proud of (not of the recipe but rather overcoming all the technical obstacles).  Checking that everything was done right by using H’s computer I realised the blasted file is still 6MB big… I have been told that is P-R-E-T-T-Y big… *sigh*  So it turns out I haven’t yet overcome anything.  I will have to downsize it again.  Sharing IS caring but can also be very tiring…