{.godot never came.}

by devourslowly

Nibbly breakie

Lady Dalrymple’s carriage, for which Miss Elliot was growing very impatient, now drew up; the servant came in to announce it.  It was beginning to rain again, and altogether there was a delay, and a bustle, and a talking, which must make all the little crowd in the shop understand that Lady Dalrymple was calling to convey Miss Elliot.

Jane Austen, Persuasion

H and I went to the pictures the other day and watched Mao’s last dancer.  What a treat.  Joan Chen always brings a tear to my eye.  Movies like this often tugs at a little corner of me, remind me of my heritage and fill me with silly sentimentality.  What a wonderful story to tell about love and loyalty to self and family.

After leaving the theatre at 10.30pm we wandered into a Japanese tapa bar and were lucky to get in on time for the last order.  H is still shaking his head at how much I managed to pack in an hour before bedtime.  Plum wine, edamame, Japanese beef kebab sticks and sashimi salad.  I totally rock.  What H did not know is that I sneaked a piece of cake when he was getting ready for bed.  There is a reason why he calls me ‘Tub Tub’.  😛  Late night eating – I am afterall Taiwanese!

Speaking of eating – I finally got my hot little hands on a copy of Rachel Grisewood’s Manna from Heaven.  This is pure delight with sprinkles on top.  Eager beaver as ever I adapted one of her recipes et voilà – Orange Marmaduke straight to the Cinnamon Spoon’s seasonal menu.  

I have been incredibly flat-out of late and can’t believe that it was only last month I went on a mini-break with H.  Feels like a lifetime ago.  I long for a peaceful weekend with no commitments whatsoever.  Just Soufflé and me.  Not likely though looking through the diary entries for then next few months.  Maybe I should wait till I reach legal retirement age.

I feel like Estragon and Godot never came 😦