{.facts of life.}

by devourslowly

vanilla bean delight @ Cinnamon Spoon

Simple facts of life:

  • You always have a second stomach for dessert;
  • iTunes has unlocked its digital rights management restrictions, I know because Stephen Fry said so;
  • Heel height  ∝ self doubt and insecurity;
  • Heel width ∝ 1/self-esteem;
  • Shaking cellphones vigourously really makes them work faster;
  • Anger tantrum cleanse the pores and purifies the skin (procedure intensive, recommended dosage = once a month);
  • Charles Dickens rocks my world;
  • Little black dress is overrated;
  • Littering = not cool;
  • Nothing wrong with driving a French car;
  • Leggings are a fad, it will soon pass;
  • Chocolate is only to be consumed dark dark dark, none of that milk/white chocolate nonsense please;
  • Hair cut once every 8-10 weeks and always, always tell your hairdresser EVERYTHING;
  • When in doubt, eat cake.