{.it is just milk.}

by devourslowly

Heard a story today.  Two shoes salesmen were sent to Africa to establish a market in the early 1900s.  They both sent telegrams back to Manchester.  One says, ‘Situation hopeless.  Stop.  They don’t wear shoes.’  The other one says, ‘Glorious opportunity.  They don’t have any shoes yet.’

This goes to the age-old ‘half-full-half-empty’ paradigm.

I am definitely a card-carrying member of the latter persuasion.

I am the girl who sits in a restaurant frowning not at her boring date but at the bent prong on the fork.  My standard opinion to anything is: ‘it is ok’.  It is always ‘ok’ and never ‘great’.  ‘Enthusiasm’ is an inexcusable oblivion to the inevitable flaws of life.  Come on, get real.

Yes, I am a party-pooper.

Lately with more free time on my hands, I had racked up my OCD an extra notch and started purging my flat of unnecessary belongings, deep cleaning each room and establishing new living rules.  H is both bemused and exasperated.  Any moment now he will fall over the edge and call me all sort of names.  One of these days my control freak side is going to cost me meaningful relationships.  Then I will be sorry.

But this only serves as a cautionary tale for me to keep my obsessiveness from running riot rather than doing a 180 degrees turnabout and embrace a carefree hippy lifestyle.

I realise us half-empties have a social handicap.  Oftentimes, we are pessimists, ungrateful, uninspiring and depressing.  Being with us takes effort and drains energy.  One is either a half-full (and therefore bright, vivacious and full of hope) or a half-empty (like… well… me).  I find this sentiment to be baffling to say the least.  Why does it have to be one or the other.  Why can’t it just be a glass of milk?

I admire enthusiastic people.  I understand that the human spirit thrives on hopefulness.  But isn’t the very essence of progress the ability of identify and address what is lacking?  I spot chips and flaws and then I fix them.  Is it not in itself optimistic?  Seeing the potential and translating it into a reality.

A healthy dose of cynicism and pessimism wouldn’t really do anyone any harm right?  Otherwise we would all be happily wearing cow-hide butt-flaps and clubbing our cows with a stick.