{.tidying up the loose ends .}

by devourslowly

What started off as a one week project (or should I employ a Master Chef term: quick fire challenge) ended up being three weeks of second vocation with no pay.  They say the end is nigh, I have yet to be convinced…

For three weeks I had been examining all of my worldly belongings, downsizing, rearranging, selling, donating, purchasing, scrubbing, dusting, mopping and some more rearranging.  I had spent all my spare hours going through amazing blogs on minimalist living and green living for small spaces.  It has been three weeks and the end still eludes me.

No matter…  I do enjoy the gradual changes around the flat.  Everything is now more feminine, more quirky and more me.  Most importantly, it is now less cluttered.  I am less cluttered.