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by devourslowly

… okay, we’re going to where everybody smiles.

Pia Jane Bijkerk, interview, Dumbo Feather Pass It On

I have been completely over the moon with my newly framed Michael Kenna… *drool*  It is now sitting on top of my bookshelves and I simply can’t stop staring at it.  Soufflé has some stiff competition for my attention now and she is not a happy chappy.  What a jealous little girl!  How is she ever going to cope when the Camilla Engman comes back from the framers??

Funny thing I noticed about Sydney.  I always visit the same shops and buy the same things.  The last time I was there I purchased another tea towel from Third Drawer Down (see below) – now I don’t quite know what to do with it!  Suggestions?  Frame it like the Camilla Engman?

@Third Drawer Down