{.wanted: angry nanas.}

by devourslowly

Camilla Engman

I am known for my social experiments.  Throwing the unsuspecting public a whammy from the sideline then quietly observing their reactions is one of my favourite pastime.  I don’t know why I am like this.  Perhaps this is my way of paying homage to my father’s (broken) dream that I would grow up to be a psychiatrist and take over the family business.  Perhaps after spending years as a goodie-two-shoes this is my way of being a covert social anarchist.  Everyone has an evil twin right?  Maybe I am the evil twin.  Sorry!  Whoever you are.

Once I started leaving items outside my front door and replacing them week by week with another item of similar size and visibility but higher in value.  The purpose was to assess the honesty level of my neighbourhood.  My end of Parnell Road remained honest for six weeks or at least indifferent to seemingly unsupervised goods up to the value of NZD$17.  I had to buy a new bucket and mop in the end but learnt a valuable lesson – I live amongst thieves and thugs.

Inspired by the website ‘Quiet Tube‘ and Stephen Fry’s blessay (bless my soul I love that word!), I set about trying to find out how many haters there are looming around the world wide web and what it would take the lure them out of their angry caves.

The methodology is simple.  I will visit various popular sites that have a forum function at which to throw seemingly innocuous statements at.  I will then measure the length of time and the number of replies it takes for the thread to degrade into a stream of personal attacks.  This is not an exact science so I will be the sole determinator of what comment constitutes a ‘personal attack’.  In brief it is anything that makes a derogatory comment towards another identifiable individual (identifiable individual includes a natural person known by the public, an online account/login/avatar that has also made a reply to my initial comment and your sister).

Here are the results so far:

Trademe: 5 replies 3 minutes

Youtube: 1 reply 30 minutes

PropertyTalk: 12 replies over a day

Ithaca Journal: 3 replies over a day

After having to read all kinds of mumble jumble and verbal depravity I can only say this – take a chill pill mate, the world ain’t that bad.