{.darkness be my day.}

by devourslowly

Foxy Shadow @ Amy Adele Seymour

I have been in a dark mood lately.

I think it is the weather.

As much as I enjoy the chilly crispness of a good gust of old-fashioned winter wind, I really do not cope at all well with the ensuing rain and darkness that winter promises.  It is additionally hard when my mind keeps day-dreaming about summer, popsicles and sunny dresses.  Everywhere I look, the bare trees, the mud flaps, my wind blasted lips – it is as if the elements are gung ho about bringing me down a peg or two.  Blast this damn weather and get me out of here.

I wandered into Mecca Cosmetica yesterday and got myself a dark shade of aubergine nail polish that comes with a posh European name.  The unnecessary pretension had not escaped me but I was in no state to take a political/moral stand.  Dark nails to go with my dark mood.  With all my quiet introvert-ness I might as well play the part and go emo until the sun comes out.

Man was I wrong.  Let this be a lesson – nail polish is no solution to a rubbish mood at all.  In between sly stolen glances at my now darkly coated nails I feel like a downer with dark nails rather than a confident but misunderstood artiste too contrived to worry about the rest of the world.  Next time I will just stick to chocolate.

The illustration above is by an Amy Adele Seymour, is it not divine?