{.glamourous excess.}

by devourslowly

Always keep your shoes on - Camilla Engman @ Studio Violet

We have three tubs of ice-cream between the two of us.  A Kohu Road Vanilla, a Kohu Road dark chocolate and a Casa del Gelato hazelnut.  We don’t really need three tubs but I like changing between flavours.  Truth to be told though, I only really have the hazelnut.

I guess it is a bit like girls and shoes.  We don’t actually need many pairs but we like having options.  Not that we will always exercise that option.  I have around 30 pairs and only wear about 3 pairs on heavy rotation.

After spending more than two months minimalising my flat (with no end in sight)… I am starting to wonder when did excess and extravagance became glamourous, or even virtuous.  The ‘bigger is better’ mentality is aggressively competitive but dangerously addictive. It seems like the more I have the less I love but (secretly) the more I want. Possession is an easy (albeit inaccurate) indicator of many human virtues: happiness, success and experience.  Peel back the layer of glamour though one often finds other less attractive indicators: insecurity, fickleness and indecisiveness. What I find most irksome about stuff is that they are very suffocating.  I want to define my belongs not be defined by them.  My re-occurring nightmare is being crushed to death by my wardrobe – a truly scary thought.

It is hard though.  I am a sappy sentimentalist who loves beautiful things.  It is not only a few weeks ago that I got rid of my school notes (from 10 years ago).  I kept them because not only did I put tremendous effort into Shakespeare, Chaucer and Kelsey, I also greatly admire and miss my old handwriting.  Tidy and precise.  Something I barely have time for these days.  Even when I dug out the dusty notes from the back of the cupboard I had to take a couple of weeks to finally make the decision to let them go.  Gosh I cannot believe I held on to those papers for the last 10 years.  For what?  I really don’t know anymore.