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by devourslowly

The Rembrandt painting of Aristotle contemplating the bust of Homer may not be by Rembrandt but by a pupil so divinely gifted in learning the lessons of his master that he never was able to accomplish anything more and whose name, as a consequence, has been lost in obscurity. The bust of Homer that Aristotle is shown contemplating is not of Homer. The man is not Aristotle.

Joseph Heller, Picture This

Camilla Engman Suitcase Series - It came bound in a thick white rubber band as pictured! I am not kidding!

One of my recent discoveries, Uppercase, publishes some of the most delicious looking reads.  Imagine my great delight when volume one of the suitcase series features the one and only Camilla Engman (+ Morran of course!).  I am sure Soufflé and Morran will become instant friends if they are to meet.

Look at those ears - SPLENDID!

I am not usually a fan of biographical types of work.  There is something saucily voyeuristic about it.  But having said that, I do love flipping through the pages of illustrations, artworks, photos, interviews and passages – whimsey and charm from cover to cover.  To top it all off, the book also comes with a mini do-it-yourself project!  H and I are each responsible for half of the image and this is what we came up with in the end!  Hooray!

Camilla Engman inspired collage