{.i only eat food.}

by devourslowly

I mentioned Ray McVinnie’s Italian demonstration night at Sabato.

In amongst the myriad of tips, tricks and dos-and-don’ts, one thing Ray said that really stood out for me:

I only eat food.

How awesome is that?!

Or should I say, how wholesome is that?

We were reminded of the importance to read the labels.  Just because something is marketed as organic or free range does not mean it is completely natural or ethical.

That said, I do live in the real world with my feet firmly planted on terra firma and I will be the first to admit that healthy ethical eating can drain your wallet faster than you say Big Mac and a side of fries please (or whatever the fast food burger du jour is, don’t look at me, I hadn’t set foot in a fat foot eatery since 1995).  Healthy and ethical eating campaigners fight a uphill battle with giant fast food chains offering dinner for five at three dollars a head.

My mother had always taught us to buy little but buy well.  Ray McVinnie echoed the same sentiment about  Edam cheese – that one has to eat so much of it to get the taste one might as well have a sprinkle of good quality parmigiano instead. I am always of the view that if you are going to add calories to your back side you might as well have the best of the pick.

I remember recoiling from an unfamiliar sense of disgust when I saw how a contestant on New Zealand Masterchef cooked her lobster (not enough to write a letter mind you but then we have Pete Bethune for that kind of stuff).  Side note: I should stop dissing Petey so much, it is unkind.  I remember an episode of Gordon Ramsay’s The F Word where he visited a pig farm.  I am sure the editing dramatically heightened the injustice but I was really saddened by how awfully the pigs were being treated.  The point is, at some point we will also need to feel the soul and respect those that we eat right?  Farmers who grow our food should be paid a fair wage.  Life stocks we eat should have their lives treated with sanctity and respect.

with a bit of rosemary and salt ... mmmm ....

Speaking of food, this is my all time favourite movie montage.  From Ang Lee’s Eat Drink Man Woman.  Look at the size of his steamer!

Artworks are by drywell: art by alison.  it’s awesometown @ etsy.