{.slow steps.}

by devourslowly

I have been making bread for a couple of months now thanks to issue 5 of Uppercase (which, by the way, is quality publication).  The first time I stayed faithful to the recipe.  (A feat for me really since baking has always been glorified bucket chemistry.  My set of goose shaped measuring cups were only purchased for aesthetics rather than function.)  Since then I have been playing with the proportions, types of flour, shape and glaze a bit.  At the moment I am a bit obsessed with the classic egg glaze that gives the bread a glossy hard crust over a loaf of Moretti 00 bread.  Don’t tell anyone, but wholegrain and I are not really friends *shush* *shush*!

There are also plans to experiment with different types of olive oil.  I have been building up quite a collection of oil now and often commit the el cheapo mistake of saving fancy oil for a rainy day that never seems to come.  It is about time I crack open some bottles to flavour my breads.  I am a bit reluctant to take the plunge without more research though.  Surely beyond a certain temperature you are just screwing with the cosmic properties of good quality oils.  Easy with that bottle of truffle oil now!