{.operation cub-hole.}

by devourslowly

My bedroom is an awkward T-shape.  An ex once called it minimalistic.  He was better at impressing girls than understanding architectural minimalism.

Unfortunately as a renter, I am under contract NOT to pick up the sledge hammer.  As a result, I have two little cubbyholes at each end of the room imploring for a makeover.

I have always wanted a desk or a work station of some kind in the bedroom.  Growing up with space-loving parents means that we had different rooms for different purposes.  Bedrooms were for sleeping in.  Games room was for games, toy storage, reading and other leisurely activities (mum and dad arranged for a swing to be installed and Cinderella storyboard wallpaper).  Art room was for the display of paintings and sculptures.  Studies were for … well, studies.  My father even has a room just to display his massive collection of ducks… sculptures, prints, paintings, tiles, furniture with duck accents… OMG.

I always envied other girls’ princess beds, matching side tables and desks.  Instead of children friendly novelty furniture, my parents chose neutral colours and solid timbers for functional and aesthetic durability.  Mum was a very practical woman.  She disliked distractions.  Simple lines and clean colours made sense to her, study desk next to a bed did not.  My yearning for a desk in the bedroom always fell on deaf ears.

The other day it struck me as funny that after years of living on my own I am still following many of mum and dad’s rules: always use a serving plate for dinner (even when it is just dinner-for-one), always wash eggs before cracking them open, always have a room for a specific purpose and always make my bed with military precision first thing in the morning.  An unfamiliar sense of adventurousness came over me as I mentally pictured one of the cubbyholes as a mini workstation.

A doer who often lacks forethought and has never understood the necessity of planning, I straight away went about scouting for a desk.  Trademe is a good place to start.  I am a girl on a budget after all.  The short and stocky lady with a strong Germanic accent frowned slightly when I told her of my plan to paint her son’s old desk white.

I don’t think the paint will take, she said with German surety.

I was undeterred.  Her people may make the best cars and waffles in the world but when it comes to the power of undercoat she is perhaps not as informed as some.

Next stop – paint shop.  The local Resene store is replete with different shades of white.  It took me a while but I finally settled on a homey looking Buttery White from the Karen Walker collection.  It has just a hint of cream that makes the shade extra yummy.  Modern and futuristic undertone be damned.  Shabby chic is the flavour du jour.

A week long of painting, drilling, fitting and appropriate cursing – I have now a comfortable cocoon for my lappy.  A perfect canvas for me to show off the Blanca Gómez that recently arrived in the post.

Terribly proud and terribly smug at present 🙂

All I need now is a suitable white chair!

Operation CH was carried out in partnership with:

  • Trademe for vintage desk
  • Redcurrent for pretty faceted glass knobs
  • Blanca Gómez for amazing illustration prints
  • The Warehouse for cheapy frames
  • Resene and Karen Walker for Buttery White paints (yes, she does paints too – crazy)
  • The French Art Shop for craft gloss
  • M for drilling holes into the drawer fronts
  • H for teaching me how to paint (as he so often reminds me – he is from a working class background… every Welsh I know has the same working class claim)