{.all things bright and beautiful.}

by devourslowly

Built in 1860, Shand’s Emporium on Hereford stands proud today sandwiched between the Royal Insurance Building and the New Zealand Trust and Loan Company Building.  An exemplary testament to colonial architecture, it is no wonder this wooden structure had garnered both local and international interest.

The Emporium houses a selected number of vintage treasure troves.  A favourite with the locals and a must visit during my winter pilgrimage to the Garden City. H was more than happy to be left at Scorpio Books while I made a cheeky pit-stop and went a-digging.

Tete-a-Tete is a little vintage fashion store nestled at the top of the Emporium’s stairs.  Aptly named, the space is compact, intimate and charming.  The lady at the counter with a little bird’s voice addressed everyone as sweet and was patient as ever with my repeated requests to try on various necklaces.

In between trying on a re-strung strand of French jets and a triple-strand crystal from the 60s, I cast my eyes around the room.  The goods were just as they were, aged emporium goods not vintage finery.  Everything was a little bit quirky and a little rough around the edges.  The store display was unpretentious and the price tags affordable.  A refreshing change from marked up prices just because something is of age and therefore ‘vintage’ (much like brushing on a layer of white paint and calling a table French colonial).

The lady sang the French jets praises but agreed that I have not to look to carry off black well.  I settled on the crystals.