{.mystery in my jeans.}

by devourslowly

I recently bought a pair of Twenty8Twelve jeans and found a copy of this image sitting in the tag pouch.  There was no spare buttons in the pouch.  Just this image printed on a folded up piece of paper.

It is a sketch by a Felix Handley and titled, quite evidently, Profile Head. The picture had been printed and distributed with the support of Twenty8Twelve by s.millar.

Felix Handley is not a name I am familiar with nor does the picture particularly grab my attention.  A quick Google search does not further my understanding at all.  There are no returned results to match an artist Felix Handley.

All I know about Mr Handley is that he had sketched the profile of a head and that profile is supported by Miss Millar (and presumably her sister, Savannah).  Maybe Felix is a struggling artist and is partly or wholly reliant on the two Miss Millars to spread his good name by slipping copies of his art in their tag pouches.  Much like a promotional good bag when you go to a fashion show.

That is fine.  I appreciate that as creative souls there is something to be said about helping another creative soul in this dog eat dog world.  I applaud the effort.

What baffles me is the aftereffect of this form of guerrilla marketing.  And it was guerrilla marketing.  When I bought my jeans I did not expect to be sold a piece of art along with it.  Say I liked the art.  Say the profile head as sketched by Mr Handley tugged at my heart strings.  Say all I want now is to see more of his work with the view of an artistic investment.

So I go online to find out more about the artist.  Or his stockists – some artists wear shades indoor and are publicity shy after all.


So I go onto the Twenty8Twelve website for information on community/charity work the fashionable label is involved in.  More specifically for more on Felix and his (presumed) plight.


What is the point of half-baked promotion?

So basically Twenty8Twelve, by giving me a piece of Handley just wasted a good twenty minutes of my time.  I am fickle and possibly have ADHD so it is not likely that the name Felix Handley will ring any bell by dinner time tonight.  Even if I do come across the mega artist Felix Handley in ten years time I will most likely suffer a faint sense of passing déjà vu and think nothing of it.   That is not quite right.  I will also have this blog entry to remind me of our tentative association that cold crisp August afternoon of 2010.  But that is if I still keep this blog.  I am fickle after all.  Right now my copy of Profile Head is sitting in the bin.

In the mean time I think I much rather have a spare button for my jeans.