{.why so serious.}

by devourslowly

I kind of miss the old Batman TV series.

In particular the onomatopoeic ‘KAPOW’ ‘ZAP’ ‘BAM’ in every fight scene.  Adam West‘s Batman was not too buff, his dialogues a bit LOL, his Gotham not quite so sinister and everything else just a bit comical.

It was after all based on a comic no?

What ever happened to that?

When did everybody become serious munch-munchs?  I mean, ok, life is life and TV is TV but if people can go on TV to find the mother of their children then I should be able to model real life on Batman.

I get it.  We live in a world where there are serious problems that need serious solutions.  To make matters worse, people just keep screwing up and others make careers out of being an arse or obnoxious, or both.

Now, more than ever, we need serious people in serious positions to help us overcome our serious problems.  Other than that I do not see why we cannot take a bite out of the cheeky-bickky and just have a laugh.  Dr Edward de Bono wants to solve the Middle Eastern problem by sending them Marmite.  The logic is that the zinc in the spread will make the Arabs and Israelis happier and less belligerent and therefore put their guns down.  That is cool.  I like it.

At a very nuclear level, we do not have Marmite at home (it is not very nice really) but we try do one Wiggles dance a night to keep the mood fresh.

When we first met H had a non-existent sense of humour.  It was like the serious bug bit his arse when he was little and left venom of serious potentness in his system.  Twenty years later I had the gory task of sucking out rubbish and injecting him the my la-la antidote.  It was easy really.  I kicked him every time he failed to laugh.  Kapow.  Seriousness is for 9-5 when our times are actually not our times because someone else is paying.  Beyond that we are show monkeys who amuse one another.

These days we do not admit serious people into our household.  That is why Mr O has to stay in his big white house during our awesome pancake Sundays.  But then he would probably go on a talk show again – I would totally dig that.  High office with a bit of Hollywood.  Serious, but not too serious.  Uhh?  Uhh???!!!  *wiggle my crocked eyebrow*