{.so serious.}

by devourslowly

Random phone conversation with The Edge ticket office (unfortunately not verbatim but it went roughly like…)

DS: Good morning.  I would like to put through a ticket order by phone since your site does not seem to be working.

Ticketing Agent: Sure, what would you like.

DS: One Balcony Reserve C seat to this Saturday night’s show.

TA: Which show it that.

DS: You know *wiggle eyebrow* (thought wiggling may had been wasted on account of poor TA not being able to see me)

TA: Macbeth?

DS: Shhhh!  Don’t say that.

TA: Did you mean MacBeth?

DS: Now you got to go run around the building three times, curse and spit on the ground.

TA: Did you mean MacBeth?

DS: *sigh* Yes… but you really shouldn’t have said that.

TA: *pause* How would you like to pay for that?

Obviously was talking to sookie-no-fun who did not get my Monday morning humour…