{.here are my abc’s.}

by devourslowly

A is for apple – Jazz for everyday eating, Ballarat for tartiness and bite, Granny Smith for old fashioned reliability and Wellington for special occasions;

B is for brevity – my life long goal… not quite there yet;

C is for Crumpet – my little green Citröen C3, causes me a lot of headaches but a nifty little get-about car and a joy to drive;

D is for dessert, many varieties contain essential daily nutrients – sugar, chocolate, spice, vanilla mmmm….;

E is for E, one of my best friend and my fall-back brother/girl friend;

F is for Fry, Stephen Fry – self proclaimed British Actor, Writer, Lord of Dance, Prince of Swimwear & Blogger;

G is for Gabriel Garcia Marquez – Marquez is his name, melancholic darkness is his game – my all time favourite author;

H is for history for chartering and bearing witness to our triumphs and mistakes and for neglecting nobody – I like that;

I is for Ines Rosales Tortas – my lazy day fall back dessert treat – the original flavour, none of that orange nonsense;

J is for jelly babies, I bite the heads off first;

K is a toss-up between KK, local authentic Malaysian restaurant on Manukau Road and Karen Walker my go-to shop;

L is for Louboutins, because I am a girl and I am vain; it is also for Leo Tolstoy for beautiful novels and conscientious thoughtfulness that still shines through;

M is for magazines or mooks – my favourites are Dumbo Feather Pass It On, Uppercase and Lapham Quarterly;

N is for Nikon D90 sitting comfortably on the top of my lust list;

O is for the Oreo Conspiracy – I never enjoy it when I do have it but I always want to buy a packet from the shops;

P is for Pushing Daisies, if only ABC would bring it back :-(;

Q is for quacky ducks – not that I like them at all but I don’t know what else starts with a q;

R is for raspberry infused fruit tea – my current obsession, Harney and Son does the best;

S is for Souffé the super dog;

T is for TOFU!  The magic white block that makes the world a better better place;

U is for U for steady supplies of loving letters and keep-sakes + being a wonderful friend;

V is for vanilla, my favourite flavour – try infusing your cup of hot milk with a plump vanilla pod sliced lengthwise… perfection;

W is for Wodehouseian characters – Jeeves, Wooster, Jimmy Crocker, Galahad Threepwood, Aunt Dahlia and many many more;

X is for xenophobes, they make me laugh, pot-heads;

Y is for you for taking the time to read my ramblings; 

Z is for zealous advocacy as taught to us by legal ethicists – creating a comfortable sphere for operation (well… it is either this or ‘zoo’)

What are you ABC’s?