{.the expressive shoes.}

by devourslowly

I love clothes.  But when it comes to dressing myself I am terribly laissez-faire.

What can I say, love the institution, hate the day-t0-day.

That is cool.  I am pass the age of having to impress anyone other than myself.

I am a bit more insistent with shoes though.  Shoes speak volumes.  A shiny pair of patent Louboutins says I mean business, don’t screw with me.  You are however free to be jealous of my outfit.  My Repettos scream I am trying hard not to appear to be a try hard.  The Mizunos say catch me if you can.

Today I am wearing my Country Road zip up sandals.  I think they say walking contradiction – unique but trendy, edgy but laid back, conscious but effortless.  I am quite proud of these babies because they are totally not me.  I tend to go for round toe heels, ballet flats and jandals all in bright juicy colours.  These sandals make me feel like a hip trendy 20 something … it is kind of neat.  Throw in some giggles and I am all done.

What do your shoes say about you today?