{.slightly scary.}

by devourslowly

H has an uncanny resemblance to a certain cricket captain. It is terribly scary. Every time his more famous doppelgänger gets onto the paper (like today) we get rubbished by friends and work colleagues alike.

I always get a little fright when I open to paper only to have the splitting image of my partner staring back at me.  The first thought is always, Oh God, what has he done this time?

Then I remember though my boy has the Vettori face, Vettori glasses, Vettori height he has not the Vettori bowling arm.  He does not admit to the bowling arm bit but the fact that Vettori plays professional cricket and H amateur sings volumes.  LOL.

Every now and then I do marvel at the hand I had been dealt with – of all the lanky over grown cricket fiends with lots of limbs burly beard and penchant for prescription glasses I get the amateur and some lucky girl gets the pro.  🙂

H has cricket net this Thursday – maybe it is apt to make some Vettori jokes  🙂  Bangladesh… I am going to ask him why he was so rubbish at Bangladesh…  Suggestions welcomed.