{.the power to move.}

by devourslowly

I caught up with a girl friend recently and was completely taken aback by her pristine apartment. She confessed to giving up her Friday night just to clean and polish in anticipation of my visit.  I was terribly touched but still terribly surprised.

We had known each other FOR EVER and between the two of us she has always been the fun, carefree and unpredictable one.  Translation: my cultivated anal, OCD self lives to fight another day.  A spot of stain on the carpet never seems to bother her (meanwhile I would crawl into a corner and hyperventilate).  She lives for the big picture, achieving big goals and undertaking big jobs.  I, on the other hand, prefer to savour the little pleasures of life – keeping a clean and orderly house, pick flowers, avoid busy/party scenes and keep to routine 5am – 9pm days.

At moments of insecurity I often catch myself gazing at her admiringly.  It would be terribly exciting to have big dreams and a go-get-them attitude.  Terribly exciting but terribly frightening.  You see, scintillating wit aside, I am actually a big blob of bore.

I gushed and told her she didn’t need to clean on my account.  I was only there  for a cup of tea.  In any event, I am well aware of the normal state of her lairs.  We have been friends for 15 years.

I was most surprised to hear her confess to a little admiration for my homey ways.  So unexpected.  I always assumed people THAT exciting would look at my life and think I could do more, much much more.  It was awfully flattering to have someone I have esteemed for so long to turn around and call me a cool chick (especially for something most people wouldn’t consider to be ‘cool’).

I feel like I am wearing hope on my sleeves.  It seems we all have the power to change the world.  Even if it is an ever so slight a change…