{.curse of the feet.}

by devourslowly

Small feet that is… not petite because you can get special shoes if you are a petite… but if you are a Euro35/36 there seem to be very little sympathy out there for you.  It is almost as if people think petite sizes are to be pitied.  These people are unfortunate enough to have small feet so a special category is created for them and specialty retailers are set up to cater for their poor poor small feet.  But when you are at the lower end of the normal shoe size range then you are just lazy – too lazy to grow your feet properly.   Case to point – the lovely E from Karen Walker Ponsonby was kind enough to arrange for two pairs of these Jonathan Kelsey shoes for me to try on today.  I had been assured that 37s would be dandy since these babies run small.  Not so much…  My feet were still swimming in them.  Undeterred I hopefully suggested putting soles in.  Soles are magical you see, they make the impossible possible.  Soles are like steroids for small feet.  I can do soles.

Then the sensible and honest E told me she wasn’t going to sell me a pair of full-priced Jonathan Kelsey’s only to have me put soles in them.  It is hard enough to get Jonathan Kelsey’s these days since most of the heels are just too high to navigate… these are high but manageably high.  Also they are not too flashy.  But alas they are not meant to be.

All this so soon after getting a call from Verrenda Young informing me that they will no longer be stocking Repettos in 36’s… this is just too much 😦

I am not a fan of my small feet… not only do I fall down all the time now I can’t even buy shoes.  As a consolation I have saved a picture of these shoes on my computer so I can look at them from time to time.