{.blugeoned by stuff.}

by devourslowly

I have this recurring nightmare of being crushed and (eventually) suffocated by the entirety of my wardrobe.

It is not so much funny as it is scary.  No matter how hard I try to pare down my worldly possessions, I am still constantly inundated by stuff.

Last night I spent a good two hours to tidy the larder (it is actually a cupboard, but I call it my larder).  After dumping out two shopping bags full of food/containers/utensils/suspicious substances I still end up with a full larder.  How is that possible?!

It is almost as if stuff start breeding the moment they leave the shop and arrive into my apartment.

Well, at least H and I will not starve if there is a random arse tornado tomorrow and we got to go live in the bunker or something.