{.parking wardens make me want to eat my head.}

by devourslowly

I do not know what it is about parking wardens but they really do make me angry.  Admittedly I am a bit of a parking renegade who is too cheap to pay $4 for parking.  Makes no sense… I happily dish out hundreds for other things but when it comes to parking I am a bit of an Ebenezer.  It all started from my student days.  I had a car, next to no disposable funds and a well-honed sense of Asian frugality going on.  Whatever I scrimped and saved represented my ability to live to fight another day.  I was not below running out onto the street in the middle of a class just to rub chalk marks off my tyre.  Sadly, this bad habit carried on into my adult life.

The other day I caught myself putting forward a fervent argument to a ticket-printer-friendly-parking-warden that my Citröen C3 being a compact hatchback with ample storage the sister model of a Pluriel (a convertible Ute) is really a goods and services vehicle.  I took pains in pointing out that the car was demonstratively a station wagon because of the folding down back seats.  A compact, space conscious station wagon.  The warden was oblivious of these features.  That is ok, he was unfamiliar with Citröens and I was more than happy to add to his understanding.

He put up a fight and kept shaking his head.  I in turn kept nodding mine and became louder and louder.  He looked like a man who could not deal with a loud woman.  He said if I had a problem I should write in.  I told him I would if he print that ticket but we could just sort it out right then and there.

He let me off in the end.  I suspect he did not buy my verbal drivels but frankly couldn’t care less.  He also looked kind of cold as if he just wanted to get out of the rain.

I wonder how much that ticket was for?