{.lemony goodness.}

by devourslowly

I was a pretty lame kid.  Whenever I heard something funny I would go around repeating it over and over again until someone (often my dad) asked me to stop.  For a while there I was addicted to this quote which went something like, when life gives you lemons, throw it back into its face and demand oranges.  I even used it in a school speech once and thought I was super cool.  What a tool!

Did I buy the line?  Not really.  Conviction was a commodity I traded for easy A’s.

The truth is, I was not a lemon thrower.  Never have been.  Life gave me persistence and quick wit so I went to law school.  I am blessed with crafty fingers so I dabble in food and textile.  My father gave me a French car.  I didn’t fight it, I embraced it.  I like lemons – you work with what you are given and leave the whining to someone else.

The Darwinians out there will call me an evolutionary cul-de-sac.  Be that as it may, at least I don’t delude myself into thinking I could be a rock star.