{.this is so great.}

by devourslowly

I first saw Coen Brothers’ Blood Simple when I was young.  W-A-Y too young really.  To me it was just a violent movie of not-so-great people suffering from not-s0-great fates.  The fact that it was really a screwball comedy built on cruel and intolerable ironies completely escaped my sieve-like mind.

Don’t judge, this was before enlightenment struck in the form of the Oatmeal.

Insert surreal scenery garnished by vivid colours and over the top comic routines et violà!  Everything becomes clear.  In light of the hilarity, the violence becomes much easier to stomach.  Zhang Yimou delivers once again.  Though this particular piece is a dramatic departure from his tradition of intense characterisation and social commentary.  I never pegged him as a comic director but I guess this goes to show how diverse he is as an artist.

Remakes are often duds.  I do not care how many Oscars they manage to bag, remakes often leave one mirthlessly deprecating oneself as the butt of a bad joke.  This one however was oddly inventive and refreshing.  What a delight it is to see a side of Zhang Yimou that is lighthearted, energetic and adventurous.  I can’t wait to see what he will pull out next from his bag of tricks!