by devourslowly

I may be a leftie tree-hugger but I am no gun-hater.  If someone in my office packs a firearm in her makeup bag, not only would I want one I would want my nan at home to have one.  Nobody wants to be a sitting duck.

Gun carriers are not automatically lunatics.  Similarly, a rightie is not necessarily a nutter.  They are only called that when I find myself in a corner and have nothing of substance as a retort.  My conservative brothers have some virtuous ideologies.  They believe in small governments, so do I.  They have a higher belief in the sanctity of life, hallelujah I say.

But this piece of article from Stuff this morning really tops the cake.  To think the raging debate used to be whether cell phones should be allowed at school… now more than half of the Texan legislature are jumping on the bandwagon for guns at universities.  Can someone say C-R-A-Z-Y?!

I realise the legislative intent is that of self-defence.  Fair enough.  They are crazies among us who vent by blowing the hell out of a schools, offices, shopping centres, zoos and whatnot instead of practising yoga and/or deep breathing.  (Too much Jean-Claude and not enough reality I say)  There should be some sort of measure out there for everyone to defend themselves if these loonies are to loom among the rest of us (looming loonies haha, get it?).  I get it.

But (generally speaking), the gun-touting southerners are also the ones who preach absenince and kick up a stink about condoms at schools.  Making condoms in plain view and freely available for teenagers will inevitably veer their minds to dark and forbidden thoughts.  Next thing we know teenage pregnancy, STI and all sorts of evils will come flying out of Pandora’s box.  The argument is based on the power of suggestion and the intrinsic-blooding-minded-willfulness of people – a premise the conservatives often base their arguments on.  I say do not underestimate our youths.  But fair enough, each to their own.

Similarly then, cannot the argument also be made that the mere presence of guns at schools will turn volatile teenage minds to that of violence resolutions for all their troubles.  If young minds are so suggestible like the conservatives will have us believe and if condoms will make our youths think of having sex with it then would not the same feeble minds see a gun and think of using it to shoot at someone?

I am just saying…

Jokes and jibber-jabblers aside, it is terribly tragic that history has bore witness to a disturbing stream of shoot-outs at schools.  Something has to be done.  But to allow everyone to arm themselves on a school campus is, in my opinion, reactionary and ill-conceived.  Instead of treating the symptom why don’t we look at fixing the cause?  Why is there a subset of deranged people who take to gun violence against a mass of people and (usually) no one in particular.  What prompt them in their psyche to take to such an extreme measure?  Can we, as a community offer more professional expertise and healthy comradery to identify, support and help those who are unwell and not coping before some of them turn to senseless violence?  To me, school shoot-outs (or any other shoot-outs for that matter) speak more to health education/promotion issues and not that of gun control.

Besides why would anyone what to carry a gun to school?  Books and laptops are heavy enough as they are and it is not like flashing a gun at your lecturer will get you an automatic A.  Well… it would… but you would also GO TO PRISON.  What are the value of these guns apart from adding to a culture of violence that is already out of control?

I am not too proud or close minded to say this – but if there are any supporters of guns @ schools out there, I would dearly love to hear what you have to say.