{.great lake taupo.}

by devourslowly

Has anyone noticed Taupo is now Taupō not Taupo?

Must have been quite recent since all the macrons have a slightly different green background than the rest of the road signs.

I do not remember much Maori from school but have a funny suspicion that I have been saying Taupo wrong for a good 20 years… Does that mean I should slur my o ever so slightly when I say Taupō or that the ō should be pronounced with an emphasising thump?  Anyone?

The newly macroned ō (is macroned even a word?!) is now the proud symbol of the town.  This new splash of Māorism certainly makes the town kind of hip.  R and I did our standard dinner around town followed by a stroll along the lake front.  The whole place seemed more vibrant than it was back in December.

Granted, my euphoria may had been a consequence of the beer from dinner followed by a generous serving of hazelnut gelato from Kaffee Eis (Hello!?  Delicious!  Mövenpick – IN YOUR FACE – eat your sorry little heart out!) rather than the macroned ō of Taupō.  But at least for the first time in a long time walking around Taupō, I did not feel like an old nan in padded shoes and elasticised trousers.  The old Taupo had that effect on me you see…