{.north by karen walker.}

by devourslowly

I realise my previous entry may have struck a somewhat sombre note.

Returning to my customary girly frivolity – what about a little peak at Karen Walker’s new collection recently unveiled at the New York Fashion Week?

The floral print and the leather accents!  The longer hemline!  Ahh!  I could just die (happily of course – which is THE way to die these days).

It is almost cruel to bring out her Northern Hemisphere AW2011 just as her shops on the home front are starting to stock the equivalent of the Northern Hemi’s SS2010/2011 season.

Still, here is a recap of Perfect Day and the pieces I am wanting to add to my little repertoire:

The prints are almost Warholesque and terribly bold and beautiful.  I simply cannot get enough of the blue pegs print.  The über awesomeness of Karen Walker lies in the fact that her inspirations are often nostalgic, alternative and unexpected.  Perfect Day was partly inspired by the photographs and subjects of William Eggleston.  North stemmed from the Northern Soul movement in the 70s.  These are all quirky and curious subjects that the designer introduces to us through fashion.

If these pretty clothes are not enough to turn down the serious dial then my suggestion is for you to go pop yourself a cheeky cupcake 🙂