by devourslowly

carbon footprint

Is not this neat?!

What a great way to teach youngsters about carbon footprints and living green.

Kudos to Stanford Kay.

I have been living green and thinking green for a few years now.  It started off as a self-challenge to see if I could do without (much like the 40 hour famine and turning vegan for one month, on separately occasions of course!).  Now it is more about (as uncool as it sounds) being socially responsible and thinking about the future generations.

Making the choice to live green opened my eyes to so many things I did in my previous life that was excessive and toxic.  Strange that.  I always thought we were brought up in a household that was already environmentally conscious.  Back in the 80’s my mother kept a compost bin, recycled everything, used a canvas shopping bag, flushed with moping water, used various plastic bags rather than new bin liners.  We were told to draw and doodle on both sides of papers, share toys and choose paper instead of plastic.  As the baby of the family I certain had my fair share of hand-me-downs (I still do actually… but that is because my sister has an insatiable appetite for everything fashionable).

But then when I came across this website that talked of the many uses of coffee ground – I became painfully aware that I was not doing nearly enough for the environment.  Even more alarming was how much toxin I was introducing into my life by not being a conscious consumer.  Unlike skinny jeans and ugg boots, green living is not a fad.  By living green and living consciously for the last few years I was able to overcome some pretty nasty health issues plaguing me all my life.  Producing less waste also made me fiscally responsible.  Sure I still have a long way to go but fortune cookie wisdom has always said life is a journey not a destination right?

My proudest green moment is when I replaced all cleaning products at home with vinegar, baking soda and Dr Bronner’s Soap (for cheats) and replaced handy-wipes with old tea towel remnants.  What is your proudest green moment?