{.ten things mama said.}

by devourslowly


  1. Red lips, red nails, ready to go;
  2. For healthy hair, air dry lots blow dry little;
  3. Fruit juice will never beat water and fresh fruit;
  4. If a banana can’t help you sleep, get up and do some maths (or any other loathsome school subject);
  5. Unless you want to spend eternity shaving your legs, do not start in the first place (really a rule that is practicable on us hairless Orientals);
  6. Don’t go to bed with your hair wet;
  7. A real bargain is a thoughtful (albeit sometimes expensive) purchase that lasts you for years to come;
  8. Keep your belts, they sound the weight-gain-alarm faster than you can jump on the scale;
  9. Always offer uncomfortable company more food, at least you will enjoy the food;
  10. Don’t bother being someone else.  In this life, someone has got to be you.  It might as well be you.