{.summer lentil salad.}

by devourslowly

We struck gold over the weekend with a crop of fresh snow peas and spring onions from our vegetable patch.  Jason, our grocer, also supplied us with a bunch of plump radishes that offer just enough bite for a yummy carpaccio.  More on that later.

For a quick and easy weekday dinner throwing in some puy lentils and chickpeas really gives you a more substantial dish that will stand up to any manner of grilled meat or sausages.  H and I quickly put this salad together last night while Mrs. Hobson (our oven) took care of our lamb.  A dinner that takes only 20 minutes to make?  Sign me up 🙂

Make sure you have your favourite salad ingredients at hand, a good bottle of Kiwi olive oil (I say Kiwi because I find New World olive oils crisp and grassy in flavour and are perfect drizzled over summer salads) and a quick squeeze of lemon.  For this salad I used paper thin radish wafers, puy lentils, chickpeas (nothing beats the El Navarrico Chickpeas from Sabato, they are plump, nutty and creamy as cloud), snow peas, spring onions, tomatos, sesame seeds, elephant garlic, shallots and walnuts.  Be sure to soak the shallots, radishes and garlic to tone the spice down a notch.

Happy eating 🙂