by devourslowly

Unity Books on High Street is easily one of my favourite haunts.

I don’t know if it is the small cosy space dimly lit by natural light through the front window, the calculated haphazard book displays or the little upstairs nook that seems to have appeared out of nowhere.  All in all, Unity is truly one of the last surviving book emporiums in Auckland.

Its feature tables are always reliably stocked with strange and piquant titles that, consciously or not, are designed to intrigue and challenge.  I discovered a great many favourites from Unity.  Who knew I would ever read about the histories of famous architectures, rekindle my love for Jane Eyre, fill my free time with Fukuyama and discover a growing affection for McCahon?

What grabs me over and over is this: though little, Unity represents a big world with a myriad of ideas.  It is a truly humbling feeling to go through the titles and appreciate how big the world is and how much more I have yet to see and think of.  It is as if you are looking through a magical veil, everything seems so charming and alluring.  All Unity books are covered by this incredibly romantic lustre that eludes the likes of Borders and Whitcoulls.  Perhaps it is an elvish marketing ploy sucker-punching me into loosening up my purse-strings but I always walk away with a silly grin plastered all over my face and something wonderful in my hot little hands.

If you ever chance upon this little orange coloured store with a lot of heart and a great depth of soul, I wish you happy happy reading 🙂