{.things I do not understand.}

by devourslowly

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a list …

  1. Mad shopping/compulsive hoarding before bank holidays – shops are only going to be close the day or two, why people are buying as if they are able to go into a bunker for ten months is beyond me.
  2. Justin Bieber –  maybe I am too old to appreciate him but he looks like a child with a microphone.  Actually, he is a child with a microphone.  Friendly looking smile though.
  3. Superfluous kitchen gadgets – I don’t get why people buy pop corn machines when a pot with a lid will suffice.  Similarly I also do not see the point of onion slicers, garlic skin peelers, special mittens for handling pineapples, and jam pots.
  4. North bound traffic INTO the CBD during afternoon rush hour – shouldn’t the jammed traffic be south bound OUT OF the CBD?!
  5. My inexplicable language fails which include only being able to count in Chinese even though my English is far more sophisticated and replying to my Italian tutor’s questions in French on a regular basis.  My clients think I am some sort of fool who can’t count and the rest of my Italian class think I am a stuck up polyglot.
  6. Sex And The City – my sister is a big fan and I tried many times to get into it.  Should be a no brainer since I love pretty clothes and shoes but I really cannot stand the show.
  7. Drivers who indicate right then turn left (or vice versa) – is it because you are somehow directionally dyslexic?
  8. Reality television – a lot of the shows are shame based and it baffles me why someone wants to be on it and why others want to watch it.  Although, Lauren Zalaznick’s TED talk on the conscience of television is very telling.
  9. Why Soufflé digs through the bin even when it is empty – before you judge me and allege neglect/maltreatment, just know this – she gets plenty of food and the lounge floor is perpetually littered, LITTERED, with her toys.
  10. Boxing Day Sales – the traffic, the people, the queues, madness and still you have to spend money…