{.pre-winter mish-mash.}

by devourslowly

I am not one to subscribe to dark and sober colours just as the weather cools down.  Not because I enjoy taking a stand against convention.  Unlike most normal people who look polished and sleek, I have only ever managed nothing but awkward in black.  

It is not likely I will ever get my dirty mitts on the Lanvin bag.  I am pretty sure our Customs Office will have something to say about a python bag being brought into the country.  On top of that I don’t think I will ever be able to bring myself to actually using python leather since the manufacturing process is pretty ghastly (that said, I am still engaged in a debate with self over whether using animal products is just plain wrong – I can’t exactly get on my high horse about no leather goods when I eat meat…  frankly this is too meta a discussion for me).  Still I can look and it and dream.  Although, last season I did spy a Medium Happy bag in red quilted leather – it looked rather fetching actually.  Kind of Chanel-esque but infinitely more cheerful in my opinion.

At the moment I am really digging the whole pink/peach hue mish-mashed with neutral and gold shades, as you can probably tell.

Clockwise from top left:

Noqûvy ss2012 Isabella Necklace

Michael Kors Runway Chronograph Watch

J Crew Cashmere Pointelle Sweater

12th Street by Cynthia Vincent Sage Printed Canvas Ballet Flats

Lanvin Happy Medium Python Shoulder Bag

Siwy Rose Drainpipe Skinny Jeans